How to search for vacancies in Sri Lanka Using LankaQualityJobs

Initial Steps To Be Followed In Finding Latest Job Vacancies In Sri Lanka in LankaQualityJobs Web Site

Even you prepare your resume perfectly you never know when the companies advertise their latest job vacancies in Sri Lanka in to public. But how do you find the exact job for you in Sri Lanka and even you are looking in a good web portal like LankaQualityJobs how and where do you think of starting to search the vacancies in Sri Lanka. If you are more specific how you start searching Colombo job vacancies or HR jobs vacancies. Answer is simple; all you have to do is follow some tricks.

First point is you need to create an account in most popular job portals in Sri Lanka where you can see latest job vacancies in Sri Lanka. On those web portals you are allowed to upload your resume so that registered job providers will be able to see your resume when there are HR job vacancies or Colombo job vacancies available. Another advantage you will be getting is you can see your apply history. At the same time you can apply to those vacancies in Sri Lanka without uploading resumes each time. In some web portals in Sri Lanka they provide the facility to select email alerts in different materials. Sometimes it may be regarding the latest job vacancies in Sri Lanka too.

Some Other Steps To Be Followed With Finding Job Vacancies

In general whenever the vacancies in Sri Lanka are published on the sites in Sri Lanka like LankaQualityJobs providers are ready to accept and start short listing the candidates. So it says for HR job vacancies or Colombo job vacancies you should apply within 48hours it’s posted. Always try to be in the first lot of candidates which have a great chance to be shortlisted if you are in the criteria. For this you need to be registered for getting the job alerts to your email. From this you don’t want to check the site always, as you will be getting the matching opportunities which are in Sri Lanka whenever a job is posted in your selected categories. Some web portals provide the facilities to set up the alerts for particular companies too. This will make sure you will not miss any opportunity at all.

If you miss this, still you have another option, some job portals are releasing a newsletter in each month and on that they publish the companies who advertised their vacancies recently. From that you can get an idea of what kind of jobs those companies are offering and see whether you have any chance. Last by not least you need to prepare your resume in a well professional manner. There is a high chance of getting jobs for professional resume owner as it represents you before they see you.